Welcome to the I.V. Training Center!

Utah and Idaho's premier source for I.V. Training. We have been training individuals the art of I.V. placement for over 22 years. Our staff of individuals are from the I.V. Teams of local hospitals have an immense amount of experience in the clinical setting that they will impart on you as a student in the next I.V. class.

ONLY $195.00

The I.V. Class is typically held on a Tuesday and Thursday night and is 8 hours total, click here to see upcoming dates in your area. You will go to class from 6-10pm each of the evenings listed on the schedule. We also do customized group training sessions for medical / dental offices. Group rates are available!

The placement of intravenous lines is a critical skill set for everyone who is going into medicine to have. Those who can master the art of cannulation, or threading an intravenous catheter properly are considered priceless in the medical setting. EVERYONE knows someone who has had a "Bad I.V." which is why this training program exists.

Most of our trainees work on I.V. teams at local hospitals, in physicians offices who offer intravenous antibiotic therapy, in the world of dentistry and oral surgery for sedation during surgical procedures and many other places!

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